best of office weekend roundup 32

Remember when my mom designed Sharpie shoes? Well, now she made her own calendar with sharpies! Read more about it on her blog

Beautiful pencil geometry, on Flickr

Chris at ManMade DIY gave his office a makeover and now it looks awesome! Check it out

Bike meets hand truck, this is a great idea! On Recyclart

Dry Highlighters?? Never seen these. Are they just colored pencils? Seen at the Well Appointed Desk

Make a lamp out of an empty cd spindle – Lifehacker

Make your valentine a cute envelope book! Instruction and more pics on Oh Hello Friend Blog

Add a little pop of color to make your winter outfits less dreary! From Cubicle Chic

Make chinese lanterns out of paper cups, instructions at Paper Kawaii

Haha, thanks for sharing this Collared Sheep

Printable class valentines from One Charming Party

Just in time for Valentine’s Day. A heart pencil case from Modcloth

15 iPad Business Management Apps from Work Awesome

A bullet pencil? These are cool. From Pencil Talk

From Math Monday

Make a dart out of office supplies, link

Get a paper clip desk daisy from World Wide Fred!

Have a great weekend!