best of office weekend roundup 39

Office supplies, with eyes! On Flickr

Love these drink clips. I’ve spilled water on my keyboard and everything on my desk so SO many times! Seen at The Well Appointed Desk

Make a paper scrap light! DIY on Design*Sponge

Lifehacker shows you how to turn all your facebook notifications into a daily digest. I think this is a great idea! Although, I can’t say I’m flooded with facebook messages.

Ruler Art at the Boeing Field old passenger terminal! Seen on Flickr

Great traveling tips from the readers at the Road Warriorette Blog

Cool new Poppin office supplies!

Tic Tac Toe STAMPS! I want them. Seen on Design*Sponge

Drooling over these adorable Mickey Mouse Method Soap Bottles. Read about them on the Method Blog

Dispose of sensitive documents using water and a ziploc bag – Lifehacker

8 Ways to be a great professional reference on Jobacle **Great post **

Dos and Don’ts for Job Seekers on “the hill.” From Capitol Hill Style

I want this note mousepad. Seen on Writer’s Bloc

Paper Faces. See more pics on Junk Culture

Animal tape dispensers! Seen on Twitter

How going back to school can help you (great article by Classy Career Girl)

I love how these stamped file folders look! Martha Stewart

I was going to do a post about this but I thought I’d make everyone sick. (so i sneaked it into the roundup) Ever seen the staplers they use to staple you after surgery? My husband was telling me about them and they sound pretty cool. I always forget that there are all sorts of different types of staplers out there. Link to Pic

I like this Bic Back to School Ad! Seen on Behance

Southwest had ads using office supplies! See more here

Pretty office supplies illustrations, **see more pics**

Fun Office octopus – on Behance

Spraying paper! Seen on Man Made DIY

Make an awesome light ball out of clear solo cups for a party or something this summer. Tutorial here

Sticky tape art installation! On I Love Sticky Tape

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