best of office weekend roundup 48

Haha this is funny. Cubicle Napping on Cubicle Bot

Read about these new elevators that are programmed to favor certain people on Cubicle Bot

A sneaky and stylish way to use old yard sticks on the Well Appointed Desk

I love the inside of machines! This one is inside a calculator. On Junk Culture

Mmm chocolate pencils with a pencil sharpener = chocolate shavings. From the Rad and Hungry Blog

Beautiful Tombow Color Pencil Collection on The Rad and Hungry Blog

I love good cord organization – on Well Appointed Desk

Fun Post-it Beard! On Belgian Waffling

I like this shredder design on Design Boom

10 things not to say at work on OS for Less
12 things to bring to an interview on Jobacle

I’ve been in Michigan/driving all week but I’ll be back and more fun next week I promise. Have a great weekend!