best of office weekend roundup 50

I think this is how we all feel. From Because Work Sucks

At least your desk isn’t covered in cheetos!! From the Fail Blog

Trick- fill in floor holes with melted crayons. On Lifehacker

Have you seen the Note Slate?? I want it.

Work only your good hours to become more productive – Great article that I totally agree with on Lifehacker. For me, my least productive time is at night. So trying to do stuff that has to get done at night painful and takes even longer. Morning time is better.

Tips to remember peoples names – on Classy Career Girl

Everything will fall into place – Link

How to greet someone in the hallway infographic, so funny! And complicated. On Cubicle Bot

Very very cute cloud sticky notes on What The Cool

I want some salt and pepper shakers for my kitchen. Seen on What The Cool

These how to sleep at work and not get caught pictures kind of grossed me out. See more of them on The Collared Sheep

Make your own pencils from a kit! On Pencil Talk

Funny additions for your printer. On Junk Culture

Fun outfit right? Fail Blog

Office wear used to be so classy! More pics on the Modcloth Blog

I love this idea of sending notebooks and crayons to kids in Haiti. See all the instructions and read more about what she did here

So this stapler might be a little too much, but it’s pretty funny. Link

Crazy dead computer installation on Recyclart. There are lots more pics and lots more to read about it.

I want these number paper clips! So Cute! Link

I love these Star Wars Crayon Sculptures. They did such a good job picking the right color of crayons too! From What the Cool

A very friendly tank pencil sharpener – get it from Shop Modi

A very neat scissor collection on Things Organized Neatly

Sorry this one is so so late! I had to run out of town for a couple of days and wasn’t able to get this done until the weekend. Hope you had a great weekend!