best of office weekend roundup 54

I know a lot of people who would be so mad if their office was bieber-ized. More pics of this crazy event on The Collared Sheep

Make your own pen from a pop out kit! From Fraser-Ross

Use office supplies for everyday wardrobe malfunctions – from Divine Caroline

I have seen a surprising amount of people going around on scooters (wearing suits) in NYC. So maybe this is a fun solution for them? On Cubicle Bot

How long will a bic pen last? Ad. See more pics on Plenty of Colour

Beautiful brass number clips on Design Crush

Stretchy Shelves! I really would love to try these out at my apt. By Peter Oyler

Amazing alphabet made with black & white paper. See more pics on Plenty of Colour

Rubber bands made from old bike tires! Great idea. Get them from Plastica

Great review for the Swingline Stack and Shred Shredder on the Swingline Blog

These keyboard necklaces caught my eye …but I probably would never wear one. See more pics on Recyclart

Paper artists are definitely the coolest! More pics of brightly colored retro electronics on ManMade DIY

Work outfits featured in Lucky Magazine – seen on Work Chic

Office Affliction – Phacne – This just made me die laughing because it’s so true! Greasy phone = greasy face.

And how many times can I watch this office music video? So great. Have a great weekend and make sure to get out and enjoy the nice weather!