best of office weekend roundup 58

How to use old cd cases! As bagel holders! Link

Cutest little desk seen here

Mail a bottle of colored pencils and school supplies! From the Giver’s Log

Loving this Tumblr seen on Secretary4Life called Brokers Hands on Their Faces

Back to School 2011 made out of paper! Check out new work from Jared Schorr

Grasshopper Stapler – seen on Etsy

A girl shaped cork board! Link

What to do about a lazy secretary on the Corporette

Staple with a date! Dvice

A box of chocolates pencil sharpener – Link

The cutest paper lunch bags for back to school! More colors/patterns here

Marble Notebook iPad Sleeve on Pink Olive

The biggest marker ever! On booooom

Ladybug pushpins! Cute! Buy them here

I wish I had a cat to scan! Check out the Cat Scan Tumblr

Paper clip eyelashes! Link

A cheaper version of sticky flags – redi-tag page flags!

Did I mention I’m a huge Parks and Rec fan now? Just finished catching up on all the episodes. Paper dolls seen on Junk Culture

A serious school themed party – see more pics here

Epic post-it note battle! See more pics and read the story on the Collared Sheep

Have a great weekend everyone!