best of office weekend roundup 6

Binder Clips to hold together Soft Tacos by @lonek8

Yummy Apple and Pear Post-it Notes found at the Well Appointed Desk

Inspiration for your daily work found at Pinterest

Beautiful Paper hats found at Upon a Fold Blog

The perfect flower stationery found on the Decor8 Blog

Artwork by Mark Boomershine on the Sharpie Blog. He uses Sharpie Oil Paint Markers!

Nice Address Files on Lovely Design

Design your own binder! Found at Paper Source Blog

Mini Pencil Masterpieces found at Man Made DIY made by artist Dalton Ghetti

Use your old office chairs to make chair back hangers! Found at Recyclart

Buy your own pencil urchin! On Etsy, by artist jenmaestre. We first mentioned her art here

Ruler + Notebook, all in one! Found at Design Sponge

Hundreds of awesome desks for your office! Also found at Design Sponge

Choose the size of your whiteboard and stick it on your wall! Read more about it on Whitey Board

Using binder tabs to make your bike look really cool by @josephrobertson

Rules on borrowing office supplies from co-workers! Great tips found at The Express Personnel Blog

Sending emails in your own handwriting with the pilot handwriting pen! Found here Have you tried it?

If you live in New York, go celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Post-it Notes at Grand Central Station! Found at WSJ

Have a great weekend!

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  • hey.. I can use those binder tabs on my son’s bike, great idea! and the Post-it Notes at Grand Central Station, will it still be there next week I’m planning to go to NY next week.

  • Shannon

    Awesome ideas here….love the pear and apples a lot! I think I’m going to have to buy those!