best of office weekend roundup 62

Read an extensive review of the Pilot G2 on No Pen Intended (I love her doodles!)

Decorate your little fly fishing friends with Sharpies! Link

Okay I love this setup except for the toilet part. That grosses me out. Seen at Cubiclebot

These gummi bears look so sad and expressionless on their way to work – Link

Use an old file cabinet to make a rolling kitchen cart! Found on Lifehacker

A really cool website where you can make digital flashcards! It’s called Study Blue and you can use it on your comp or on your phone. The program keeps track of which cards you need to study more than others.

An article about working with your significant other on The Daily Muse

So cute! I miss playing Super Mario everyday. Buy this little desk set on Etsy

Shred your paper –> make a cushion. Learn more about this concept on Yanko Design

A solid brass pencil necklace! On the Well Appointed Desk

Has anyone seen these card pens before? Apparently they are from the 80s. It would be cool if you could make a business card version of this with a pop-out pen. Link

I love this tape design concept – now you won’t lose the end! More pics on Yanko Design

We’re back to nice weather again in Boston after 3 whole days of rain. Let us all keep those who are deal with flooding and evacuations in the north east in our thoughts and prayers. The footage I’ve seen on the news is unbelievable. I know we will all be thinking about 9/11 this weekend and where we were when we heard the news. This may reveal my age a little bit but I was in 9th grade getting ready for school. My 1st period German teacher had a TV and even though he was asked to not have it on, he did anyways. I can’t believe how long ago that was and how much I have learned since then. I’m very excited to be able to go the WTC memorial next weekend to view the beautiful fountains and remember all those that we lost. I hope everyone has a great weekend!