best of office weekend roundup 65

Kyle unmade pencils back into a tree. Click here to watch the video on his site

Just saw this today on Color Me Katie! Why not frame your little awards for a more light hearted approach to a wall of achievements?

Make yourself a nice little border with post-it notes on iVillage

Make a cute expanding file out of an old book on Just Something I Made

I love finding pictures of giant pencils – on Flickr

Make a girly chalkboard clipboard on WhipperBerry

What to do with an old folding ruler! I’m really wishing I had one of those right now. More pics on House8810

Read about a shop in India where they have been making handcrafted fountain pens since the 1930s! Link

You know those coin envelopes you’ve seen before? Make a mini card to go with them and you’ll have a little stationery set. Found on Just Something I Made

Just in case you haven’t seen this chandelier made out of paper clips. Sadly they don’t sell them anymore. See more pics on Etsy

Twisted Pencils, seen on Junk Culture

I love this picture of Koh-I-Noor’s pencil building – Read about their history on The Wooden Pencil

Sorry if this pic stresses anyone out. I’m not sure who would want a tampon usb? But the design is kind of interesting. Link

Make earrings with string and paper clips – Link

Use circle stickers to make half moon nails – on Stylehive

Love these rubber band shelves – more pics on Behance

A pushpin shaped stool made out of cork! Designed by Kenyon Yeh

An idea to make mostly empty printer cartridges into stamps to use the rest of the ink. More pics and explanation on Yanko Design

Hallmark has a new line of You Lost Your Job Cards. This one is definitely the best. Seen on Lost Crates

A lot of effort to thoroughly shake a pen – seen on the Rad and Hungry Blog

I want them to make this. SAI is a modular storage solution with small silicon cubes which have unexpected tactile sensations when touched. People can lean on it or pin a message to it. More pics here

Use those paper cd cases to make cookie packaging! Link

Best trick I’ve seen all week. Link

I want to make a staple city on my desk! Maybe I need to buy this for $19. Link

I just downloaded this new app called PopNotes that seems kind of fun – PopNotes
Donate pencils to kids who need them through the Pencil Project
How to open a sealed envelope – put it in the freezer! Lifehacker
How to be a gentleman at the office on the Art of Manliness
How to modernize your work wardrobe – The Corporette
How to make your inkjet printer suck less and print better on Lifehacker
Manufacturer Ink vs Third Party Ink on PC World
Guide to coffee shop etiquette (when you just want to use the internet) on Mashable
6 Rules to Break at Work at The Jobacle

Man these things keep getting longer and longer! I’m always worried that one week I won’t have anything new to share but that hasn’t happened yet! If you ever see something cool/office-related, will you send it to me? You can either email me at gracej[at] or tweet @shoplet or comment, etc. I try to scour the internet each week but I know there are so many things I miss.

Have a great, fall weekend!