best of office weekend roundup 69

Haha- Link

I’m hoping I will get to see one of these crayon/colored pencil sculptures in person someday – Link

Don’t be this guy at the company birthday parties (It is kind of cute when you’re little though) from Cubicle Bot

Not that I like weapons, but I think this self defense kit disguised as a briefcase is cool. See more pics and read more about it on Yanko Design

Office Barbie! Link

Lots of great Sharpie craft projects on the Sharpie Blog

Scratch n Scroll Mousepad from Quirky

I want to get some washi tape to do this to my keyboard! Link

Fill your spice rack with office supplies – Link

I want to make a dot garland! (just color avery circle labels and sew them together) Tutorial on Martha Stewart

Triumphant Tape Dispenser design! Link

Haha Link

Pencil sharpener christmas tree – Link

I love this prank idea! Turn the clock back 50 years at your co-workers desk while they’re on vacation. From Cubicle Bot

Enter Swingline’s Stack n Shred Contest to win a free shredder! Details on the Swingline Blog

Make this cute napkin using Sharpies and rubbing alcohol. Tutorial on Kirtsy

How to upgrade your cubicle and give it some style on the Daily Muse

How to handle working with sexist pigs (their words not mine) on Corporette

It’s an actual camera and USB! Link

I guess the Spink will help you to not spill your coffee all over your keyboard

Have a great Halloween weekend everyone! I have all the Halloween packages boxed up and ready to send next week. Don’t forget to enter our Orange and Black Giveaway if you haven’t already!

Also, next week I’m the guest editor for the blog Four for the Day. If you like Things Organized Neatly or a Collection a Day, you’ll like this blog.