best of office weekend roundup 72

USB christmas lights!!! From Cox and Cox

Hudson – Against The Grain from Dropbear on Vimeo.

Playing Cards + Post it Notes + Book Rings52 Reasons why I love you present

I want to bike at my desk! Buy this (minus the bike) here

See more pics of pretty stationery here

Use scotch tape for cat eyes! Coolest trick I’ve seen all week. Read more about at Refinery29

I love the colorful binder clips! Read more about the stationery on Oh Meaghan

Mix Elmers glue and paint for colorful glue! Pink and Green Mama

A great way to store your cats at work. Link

The saddest downsizing. T-shirt design from Threadless

I wish every principal had stationery like this! More designs on Scouts Honor Co

A mini zen garden for your desk! They have a bunch different ones in their Etsy store

How to discourage chatty co-workers at the Corporette

The best kind of laptop to get a kid, a chalkboard laptop. Get it here

Made with bubble wrap! Tutorial on Craftster

Great choice nerd! Link

Prettiest american flag made with binder clips. Where did they get so many pretty binder clips? Link

Use a cork board to organize your jewelry! Link

I love this 11.11.11 pic – link

A little trick with dollar bills and paper clips to entertain your kids from All for the Boys

Make your own mini desk garden! Tutorial on Design*Sponge

The cutest pencil cups from Cox and Cox

I love these animal macbook air cases! See more here

Duct tape decorations for a moving party! Best idea. More pics at A Subtle Revelry

Seal an envelope that won’t stay closed with clear nail polish! Tip from Real Simple

My new favorite use for old cd cases! Cd Case Labyrinths! Tutorial here

A stationery set for Jim Halpert – Link

Hole punch the paper and put into the binder in the same step! Great idea seen at Yanko Design.

Shred colorful paper with your pasta maker! Has anyone tried this? Tip from Real Simple

I liked this little Kevin invention from the Office last night. Nice try Kevin!

Have a great weekend everyone!