best of office weekend roundup 74

Pharmacy Lamps! I want one of these for my desk. See a bunch of them at This Old House

A lovely office supply decorated tree – Link

Nice labels – Link

Don’t you wish this was your building? Link

Turn your pencils into popsicle sticks with these pencil toppers! Link

A ruler and backscratcher combo! Seen at Cubicle Bot

Design*Sponge is moving into an old pencil factory and I’m super jealous. Link

Make a paper clip football for kids. Instructions on All for the Boys

I love the way they used that super annoying phone ring in this and made it sound cool.

Make a cardboard kitty pad, on Design*Sponge

A great gift guide for a pen lover on Good Pens

Sharpie Marker covers from Cool Material!

Well, this is a fun phrase! Cubicle Bot

What to do when you make more money than your co-worker on Corporette

DIY Privacy Monitor Glasses – Cubicle Bot

I love this little office christmas tree! Flickr

This picture would look like a reflection if you are a color blind (according to the artist) Link

Do I really need to eject USB drives before removing them? If you’ve had this question, check out Lifehacker.

I really want crayon/chalk hands. More details here

I’m loving this Parrotcil I saw on the Rad and Hungry Blog

I want a chalkboard table! Link

I love this scissor (credit card) video!

Click to see the making of this beautiful box cutter.

You’ve probably already seen this cute mini-printer!

I would like to have these neon pink desk accessories – Link

A nice, no-change 25 minute office workout from Good House Keeping

Really pretty craft (popsicle) stick snowflakes on Crafty Nest

Make your outlets cute! Creative Outlets Shop

I love this old office christmas party photo – link

Make your own collar stays with paper clips on Lifehacker

Loving these DIY thumb tack ornaments from Fellow Fellow

A beautiful collection of scissors – Link

How to stay productive in a modern office on The Daily Muse

This roundup is only 1/4 of the stuff I found this week. 1/4! I decided to save some stuff for the coming weeks when I might not have as good of luck (or as much time.) Hope you have a great weekend!