best of office weekend roundup 79

I know these mouses are not practical but they make me so happy. Mouse Envy

A happy collage of office supplies – Link

Merry christmas to this office! Link

I would love a duvet cover I could draw on – Link

These headphones look like chair casters, right? Link

Just read this crazy news! 3M buys Avery Office Division

Swingline has a new Stack and Shred that does 60 sheets at a time!

Make a dry-erase calendar with paint chips and a picture frame! More info on Lifehacker

I like these giant WORK letters – Link

I like these Birthday Composition Cards from the Curiosity Shoppe Online

I want a train stapler – Link

A truly frozen computer – Cubiclebot

Postalco Handkerchief Envelopes

Make your own wall organizer with cardboard! Instructions on Design*Sponge

Beautiful, beautiful wooden laptop station – Link

“Paper” Plates!

It’s true, half of a composition notebook is usually unused. These teachers took a stack to a hardware store and had them cut in half!

Cute speakers for work – Link

Lord of the Graphite! More pics on Junk Culture

I would like this in my house. Link

Doodle on your watch! Get it here

Business card masking tape! Link

DIY Giant Crayon Fence – Tutorial here

Cool pencils – Link

Let kids loose with a bunch of dot stickers and get this! Seen at the Rad and Hungry Blog

I like this rubber band cube. Link

Story of every office – Sharkables

World’s longest rubber band chain! Link

DIY Bluetooth – Link

Painter’s palette mouse pad – Link

Make these cute binder clips with mini binder clips and washi tape! Link

A fun activity to show how easy germs spread. Add glitter to hand sanitizer and have everyone shake hands! More info on Little Miss Kindergarten

DIY solo cup necklace – instructions on Dollar Store Crafts

A great overview of plants for the office

Wall-E in a stapler – link

An 80 port USB charger board! From Geek Stuff 4 U

Interesting fix. Link

6 Things to Consider when Accepting a Job Offer

So glad that it’s the weekend again! Those few weeks of Christmas and New Years always throw me off. Have a great weekend!