best of office weekend roundup 82

A chair as a ruler, yess – Link

I would love to have this colorful circle of office supplies around me. More pics on Brooke’s site.

Make pretty string with sharpies! Link

Cute flash card calendar

Love the pencil sharpener – Link

A clay to-do list.

Students hands are too feeble to write essays! I’m nervous my hands might be in the same condition.

White out Desk. More pics

Make an organizer with cereal boxes – Link

Now that’s a mean prank. Link

A new pencil mirror! I love the silver

I like this header for DVF’s work wear line.

History of the highlighter from NY Times

I want this shirt! Link

A rainbow rolodex

Another mean prank. Link

LEGO stapler!

Nice Desk

Finding the right pen to help your handwriting on Upper Case.


A book tent!

A trash can with a dust pan lid! Link

An eraser pencil! The entire thing is an eraser (besides the lead of course) Link

10 reasons why tax time is fun

Good self defense tips on Corporette

Use thumb tacks to make pretty sun catchers – Link

Portable office in a suitcase.

Win this book from Office Supply Geek!

A man who died because 6 girls were chasing him and he fell on an ink eraser! Read the story on Gothamist


Chalkboard + Mousetrap organizer! Kind of makes me nervous just thinking about using it. Link

Organizer your school supplies in an over the door organizer! A Bowl Full of Lemons

Pretty scissors.

The coolest desks in LA – Refinery29

5 Classroom Grants for Teachers

Yesterday we hit our 1,000th post! My first post for the Shoplet Blog was January 14, 2009. Wow! More than 900 posts later, here we are in 2012. Have a great weekend!