best of office weekend roundup 84

A desk organizer that portrays how your business is doing..going up or down. Vector.


Make a rubber band heart for Valentine’s Day. Link

Pretty organizer from Manufactum

Great job to the workers who threw un-shredded documents out the window at the Giants parade in NY. Read more about it on Gothamist.

Linen laptop cover from Etsy.

Keep your ties nice on that next business trip with a tie case.

Pretty desk notebook from Caroline Gardner

Bubblegum Paperweights!!

DIY Dart game with office supplies on Instructables

I have never tried this tactic. Wonder if it works? Tip Jar

Build a nice wall organizer with an Ikea shelf and magazine holders. Instructions on Lifehacker.

DIY Recycled Plastic Spoons Hanging Lamp

Salt + Chalk

Snoopie push pins!

How to wear all those pencil skirts you got for work off the clock on Refinery29

Record document holder on Recyclart

Sharpie + Crush = the perfect valentine.

I didn’t read anything about the parade but I like this lady’s garbage bag dress. See more pics here.

Getting your Fax Straight


Pink bunny scissors from Stitching Bits and Bobs.

Perfect for valentine’s day! I love that little heart stamp. Get it from the Cooper Hewitt Shop.

DIY Wall Outlet with USB Upgrade

DIY Crocheted Pencil Cup

How to make a paper weight – Country Living

A book of poems about school supplies on Amazon

Use an old whiteboard for fun finger painting – Link

Yoda phrases with keyboard keys – more pics on Junk Culture

If I lived in Austin, TX, I would go to this surplus store ASAP. Texas State Surplus Store, 6506 Bolm Road, Austin TX.

Happy Friday!


  • Joey Yeh

    Thanks Azizah! Let us know how the store is!

  • I love these office round ups, I always discover so many neat things here! I live in Austin – I’m totally going to check out the surplus store!