best of office weekend roundup 86

Pilot FriXion Costumes

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a detailed school desk etching – Link

Last minute gift for kids! Throw a bunch of arts and craft supplies in a jar. Link

Celestial Keyboard.

I like the look of these Pen Pal Pen Holders.

Pretty, shiny red desk items – Link

I want a cloud Notelet!

I want to make a rubber band alphabet! Link

It’s a 3M &m candy dispenser! Link

Make a wax seal with crayons! Tutorial

“The perfect gift for the notebook addict who’s also an alcoholic!” I couldn’t have picked better words. From Notebook Stories

White pen, Wite out paintings – Link

Happy copier!

I’ve never tried this! It’s like the Slice! Link

DIY Duck Tape Coffee Cup Sleeve

Binder Clip Stand for a Tablet

Hang up scarves with binder clips – Link

Worst Co-workers Ever.

Make a ceiling sweeper with binder clips. I’m definitely planning on doing this. Link

Post-it Notes in subway tunnels – Link

Binder Clip Dress

A post-it note cake by David Stark! Link

Orange Tape Dress by David Stark!

Easy fabric scrap mousepad

Sharpening a pencil with an ax – Link

Dip Dyed Office Supplies!

Make your own alphabet paper clips.

That’s kind of how I sit.

MMM edible crayons.

Alexander Wang Notebook

Eiffel Tower Scissors

Cardboard light fixtures

Loch Ness monster pins, found via Cubicle Bot

I want a Pen Pal

Monocle Archive Boxes

Inkjet Wood Transfer

I love this tutorial! Make your own colorful string tie envelopes! On Mini Eco

I love these bookcases.

Have a great weekend!


  • Joey

    Thanks for letting us know Angel! :)

  • Just wanted to stop and say I really enjoy these weekend round-ups. I tend to read them at the end of my workday, and they certainly make me smile as the weekend starts.

    Best, and keep on blogging.