Best of Office Weekend Roundup 89

Helsinki office buildings. I want to work in one of those.

7 infamous offices

Shower caddy as an office supplies organizer – BHG

Pretty USB

Beautiful, foam rubber office supplies by Nathan Skiles! See more pics on Junk Culture

Love this Homework Desk!

Green Pencils

Toilet brush light by Natalie Sampson

I like when people decorate their office supplies – Flickr

The Raspberry Thief Stationery Set

Love this teacher gift!

Beautiful flowers installed at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center – look at the rest of the pics on This is Colossal!

Pencil Desk Organizer

New meaning to paper weight – this one will draw your weight loss or weight gain! Yanko Design

Recycled wood organizers

Rubber band jump rope!

Check out this great giveaway from Westcott!

Tire Tube Organizer

Baylor’s highlighter uniforms! Remember the Oregon Duck’s highlighted uniforms from last year?

I had no idea that Mitt Romney’s company bought Ampad for awhile! Listen to the story on NPR

London funnies pen organizers on Amazon

Keyboard stickers! Seen on Office Supplies Junkie

Barbie Binder :)

RISD students designed chairs for kids with a sheet of cardboard! Lost Crates

I want this pencil necklace

A travel toothbrush that plugs into your USB to sanitize it – Yanko Design

I would like to spend my time taking pics like this – Flickr

Cloud Pencil Organizer

The new pilot water bottle pens have a cushy grip! Pic from My Supply Room

Toothbrush Pencil Organizer

I love these ruler lamps!

Office supplies made with corn starch! More pics and info on Dezeen

Cool new thumbtack design! Yanko Design

Have a great weekend!


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