Best of Office Weekend Roundup 91

I hope with all my heart that this whale post it note holder will be made someday. Link

Eraser made from eraser crumbs – Link

A big Westcott Ruler at Pencil!

Ruler meets clock. Fastco Design

A LEGO Bossbot

Vintage Westcott Hole Punch

Garden Chalkboard Labels from Shop Terrain

Sharpen scissors with a screwdriver – Lifehacker

Another LEGO stapler

They have anti-roll caps!

Donna Hay Pencils – the Well Appointed Desk

10 HR Violations in the Season Premiere of Mad Men

Flip your Expo market tip around to use it all up! Instructables

Plisse Folders on Design*Sponge


A thumbtack carpet made by We Make Carpets!

MMM more chocolate pencils

Wow a Sharpie Violin

Rain boots as pen and pencil holders! Flickr

How to hem your pants with staples! The New Professional Blog


School Supply Sconces

Pencil Head

Little Stabilo Pencil Sharpeners – Yellow is for lefties, Red is for righties

Magnets to hold trash bags – Real Simple

Eye bombing! I’m totally going to get into this trend. Mini Eco

USB Ferris Wheel Phone Stand

10 Animated Gifs to Describe Your Workday

The perfect baby desk! Link

Fancy Notebooks

Paper clip parrot embroidery! I’ve never ever seen anything like this. See more pics on Hanging By a Thread

A backyard chalkboard, fun for summer! Link

Paper clip tank top!

A spinning desk organizer!

I need some desk wings

Have a great weekend! My due date is coming up soon so if the posts get a little sporadic that’s why. I have plenty of stuff to share while I’m out and Joey (our twitter/facebook guy) will be making sure that the posts are going up and checking for comments on our giveaways. Hopefully my baby likes office supplies as much as I do :)


  • Grace

    Thanks friends!

  • Great Finds! Loving your site! :)

  • Jake

    Want the whale post-its and the clock. The backyard chalk board is also a great idea. Thinking about painting my backfence with the chalkboard paint for my nieces and nephews. Thanks!