Best of Office Weekend Roundup 93

Holy cow, I want this desk organizer zen garden. They have a few different colors on Etsy

Make a desk tray from cardboard boxes – Lifehacker

Another cool pencil holder! Get it on Etsy

This is kind of grossing me out but it would be a nice pencil case for a hot dog lover. Get it here

Cork organizer pouches from Tombihn

A pillowcase covered in binder clips and paper clips from Etsy

Stacking stationery boxes

Typewriter + Desk Lamp

That’s a big pen.

Funny Face Pencil Box!

Cool shoes?

Shuffle Desk Organizers

I love this thumbtack design! “With its sharp point concealed when not in use, this silicone-capped drawing pin guards against pin pricks and scratches, and feels like a pebble in your hands.” Red Dot Design

Man, why didn’t I find this before easter! Rabbit Pen Holder

Make a pencil holder with pencils – Link

Just tear off what you need! Link

I love these veneer mouse pads

A seriously mean april fools day joke – although apparently the joke is not for them to sit on the tacks but for them to have to take all of them off before they sit down. Link

Scissor Shirt!

Break off little pieces of soap – Link

Hand packaging for Stabilo Pens

Monoprix Stationary

Spectrum – sophisticated oil pastels

Pretty, pretty standing workstation – Link

Love sliced bread..notebooks. Link

An office snowball fight all packaged up!

Cool “L” paper clips! Design Work Life

Bic Ninjas!

A PEN-guin. Society6

I would like some lights in my drawers! So fancy. Ikea

Desk lamp + scissor jack!

Have a great weekend!