Best of Office Weekend Roundup 94

Make little eraser cars! So cool, I want to do this. Family Fun

Behold the Perfect Pencil!

Make a butterfly bracelet with paper clips – Instructables

This is a Post it Note Drawing

I want to make some pretty Sharpie rocks

Catapult Pencil!

Fun Desk Tankbot

Once you finish the eraser, you find a fossil inside! Buy them

Shark Attack Mug! This would scare me every time.

Flight of the Conchords Mousepad

Game of Thrones Paper Weight

A pen that projects true blood fangs on the wall – HBO Store

LEGO thumbtacks! Etsy

Fun Facebook Notepad – Link

Highlighter Tape!

Crayola Coin Bank! Get it from Etsy

A Pencil.

Juicy, fruity, delicious notebooks! Daycraft

Pencil Illustration

Nice use for a magazine holder! Link

Make a memory jar! I totally have that swirly notepad.

Crayon mining

Always Keep A Pencil Handy by Tim Easley

And in some non-office related news, our little girl arrived last weekend! I haven’t had much time to think about office supplies or sit in front of my computer but I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things next week. Have a great weekend!


  • Grace

    Thanks everyone! Hopefully this week I will figure out how to get more sleep! :)

  • michele malone

    congratulations! she is so beautiful. Spend as much time with her as possible. the pencils and post it’s will wait.

  • Betty Baez

    Love the shark mug, the Lego thumbtacks and I’m a huge fan of game of thrones, and tru blood so those are awesome!!! Huge congrats she’s beautiful!

  • Congratulations! She is beautiful!