Best of Office Weekend Roundup 95

oh man, best idea. Link

Cutest Avery Label Maker

Nice Paper Clip Earrings

A dress made of scotch tape. Seriously. Read more about it here

Fun binder clip tree!

Love this old advertising for Pendaflex

Tap your pencil >> Lose weight! Link

I want that woman’s desk – link

A fun way to practice handwriting – Link

Cool paper clip necklace!

A lovely pencil holder on Etsy

Dart push pins!

I want this scotch tape clock

Paperclip animal photoshop brushes

Haha scotch tape costume

Beautiful, beautiful pencil sharpener

USB Cannon Fans

A happy notepad pillow! Cute! Buy it from Etsy

A chalkboard skateboard deck!

Funny wooden cat pencil holder from Etsy

Vintage Score Pencils

Well, the roundup is a little short this weekend. To be honest, I still have thousands of posts to go through in my google reader so I’m sure I’ll have a ton more to share next week! Have a great weekend!