Best of Office Weekend Roundup 99

Butter glue stick, minus the glue

Seats from old office chairs – Link

Felt task lamp

Drawn Together

32 ideas to organize your home office

Minimal workstation by Fredrik Paulsen

Soccer pen holder

Westcott Wild Ones Scissors (seeing these scissors makes the song “Wild One” by Flo Rida play over and over again in my head)

A little bag for your planner or notebook!

Moon post-it notes, I have to have these.

An ad for a new t-shirt line, get it?

Scissors + a tape dispenser

A homemade cardboard stationery envelope

I love this circle printer idea

Vintage Pencil Holder

A set of vintage multi color pens

I want this desk! Perfect way to hide all the junk. Storage and Glee

Envelope Funnel

Business cards inspired by songs – The Daily Muse

Next week I’m moving back to NYC from Boston and I’m pretty excited about it, minus all the packing and moving. I’ll be celebrating our Best of Office Weekend Roundup 100 in Brooklyn! Maybe I’ll think of something fun to go along with it..

Have a wonderful weekend!