Best of Office Weekend Roundup: Fun Office Supplies

Prepare for the most interesting, possibly strangest office supplies yet! We scour the web to find the these unique fun office supplies to let you know creativity has no limit! Are you ready? Think outside the box, literally, in this week’s roundup.

Pencil idea

How to make a bicycle tube pouch on the Etsy Blog

An embroidered resume! So pretty and nice

Make kites from office supplies! Link

I love this index card sketch

Vivienne Westwood Tartan Notebook

Office with a pretty view – Lifehacker

Envelope scraps

Interesting idea

Netflix for batteries! Earth Cell Batteries

How to celebrate the summer olympics in your office!

Fun USB Bracelets! Memory On Hand

Esme Winter Notebooks

A scratch and scroll mousepad

I need this desk!

Bio Computer

Pink polka dot clipboard

Fun game! Wrap up a bunch of goodies in tape

Watch your printer work! The Eclipse Dual Printer

Are these office supplies not the most interesting you’ve seen? Add to our list by leaving a comment of a product with a neat feature or feel free to share a photo with us on our social network. We love getting social on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest! Share a pic directly with us or tag Shoplet.