Best of Office Weekly Round up: Push Pin Art

Push Pin art

Magic can happen in the most unexpected of places and sometimes the littlest office staples can transform into magnificent pieces of art. All it takes is a little creativity and some serious planning. This week’s weekly round up is dedicated to the itty bitty push pin with big possibilities. Be prepare to be amaze with push pin art!


Need some wall art? Try some thumb tacks bordering a favorite photo!


Silver thumb tacks and canvas make a pretty pair.



This artist took the basic push pin to a whole new level with these portraits.


Gold thumb tacks and some flower shaped paper can liven up a drab wall.


This push pin Super Mario wall is an awesome art project for school kids.


This dramatic art installment using red push pins is a stunner.



Update tired wedges with some silver thumb tack bling!


Use nail polish to add some flair to cute thumb tack chachkies.



This Marilyn Monroe portrait is a great project for the patient and the brave.


Black push pins, black string and white christmas lights can create this gorgeous light up wall art


This cute California shaped piece was created with gold push pins, some string and a lot of love!

Feeling inspired? Check out for all your office supply essentials! You’ll never look at push pins the same way again.

  • Sheila Vives

    Awesome Creativity ! Thank you for sharing such great art !