Bic + Pharrell Williams Collaborate & It’s Pretty Cool


Pharrell Williams, the man behind a gazillion catchy singles currently sweeping 2014’s radio and playlist stations, has teamed up with Bic to market the release of his new book, “Inspiration,” and the debut of Bic’s new wite-out Tipp-Ex pen.

How? Well, that’s a good question, especially given that the two entities appear to have very little to do with one another. Bic released a wacky video, featuring a lumberjack dude & a bear, who are responsible for protecting a manuscript of Pharrell’s “Inspiration” from an uncontrollable crowd of obsessive and swarming fans. To ensure that no one ravages the manuscript’s contents before its release,  the well-meaning bear erases thousands of words in it with a Wite-Out pen…Oh no!

You, the Pharrell fan & Bic lover, can help restore the manuscript by playing along in this participatory “social book”. If you fill in the correct words & are the first to guess them right, your name will be credited in Pharrell’s real, published book. Neat!

Here’s what the book looks like:


The “social book” itself looks really scattered & it’s definitely a challenge to guess the correct word, let alone be the first to guess it…


But, sometimes, you’ll come across a sentence that’s colloquial enough to understand & quickly enter. So far, I’ve found “Oh yeah” and “Cool” — pretty cool, right!?

dianas wordThough the whole concept of Pharrell collaborating with Bic to market their latest consumables seems kind of bizarre in and of itself, I’ve gotta give credit where credit’s due. They somehow made it work.