Blog lineup

Dear readers, our blog has grown considerably thanks to your generous readership and participation. It is getting to a point where we would like to take our blog to the next level and start posting regularly due to phenomenal interest in our office supplies blog. So here is the general gist.

Laugh Your Head Off Monday
Almost all of us office workers have Case of the Mondays. On this day, we plan to provide a little bit more humor than usual, to go with whatever else energy infused supplements you do take on Mondays to jolt yourself into action.

Eye-opening Tuesday
We scourge the world in search of the useful, the weird, and the interesting so we can get your eyes to pop, just a little.

Spectacular Wednesday
On this day, we hopefully take the spectacular to a whole new level!

Relaxing Thursday
On this day, we the blog staff take a little breather from mental exertion, and allow you readers time to digest and tell your buddies what wonderful stuff is afoot over at the Shoplet blog.

Voices From Beyond Friday
This day is dedicated to addressing concerns and problems from our dear customers, insights from our other staff members, or humorous happenings throughout the week.