Bubble Wrap = Online/Offline Fun!!!!


Another thing in life that never gets old no matter how old you are- bubble wrap. Today I thought a lot about bubble wrap and realized that in a perfect world, I would have bubble wrap that you can pop and pop and pop..like rechargeable or reusable bubble wrap. Well I found that item today on Gizmodo.

The Puchi Puchi Bubble Wrap

What a dream this little gadget is. You can simulate the feeling of popping bubbles for hours and hours EXCEPT for one small glitch. As mentioned on Gizmodo (because I definitely can’t read the japanese on the product site) every 100 pops you get some random noise that comes out- whether it be barking dog, door chime or sexy voice. A sexy voice? Weird.

Even though I did find my dream toy, I realized that you really can’t replace bubble wrap with some plastic gadget. Bubble wrap is so wonderful because you usually have a limited quantity and you have to make it last. Usually you start with holding it in your hand for a few pops, then maybe twisting it for a second, then laying it on the front porch and jumping on it, and then inspecting for any you may have missed and popping them by hand.

#840 on the 1000 Awesome Things Blog is Popping Bubble Wrap. Here’s their technique:

  • Olde Time Classic. Your average pop. Just squeezing it in your hands with a satisfied smile on your face. Nothing flashy here, folks. Just a thumb, some fingers, and lots of satisfying pops.
  • The Big Bang. A trickier move, this one requires delicately wrapping the unpopped bubble wrap into a tight ball or Bubble Cube, and then, in one quick move, just hugging the whole thing against your body really hard. Try to do this before 10pm so you don’t wake the neighbors.
  • Walk This Way. You’ll need a large piece of bubble wrap for this one, likely from a new TV or fridge that got delivered to your house. Just pull the wrap out, lay it down on the floor, take off your socks, and … just walk all over it. Walk back and forth, walk in circles, just don’t stop walking, don’t stop popping. When the pops slow down you may have to inspect it closely for any leftover bubbles. I say jump on those ones.
  • The Twister. Just hold it in front of you, roll it up like a carpet, and twist your hands in different directions really hard. When you’re done, you’ll have a nice flat well-popped piece in the center of your wrap, and you’ll have to move on to a new section.

Virtual Bubble Wrap

Okay so now I’ve gotten you all excited about popping bubble wrap and you probably don’t even have any. Here’s a quick fix..it doesn’t really relieve stress but yeah it makes the sound. You probably want to put your headphones in because it kind of sounds like gun shots Start POPPING

You can even go to Cafe Press for those who are capitalizing on how much people love Bubble Wrap- Wear Your Love for Bubble Wrap

Once you’re done popping, or in case you have extra, do this:
[ Courtesy of Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day]

Aren’t you grateful for the invention of bubble wrap? It was almost wallpaper…..

  • exactly, bubble wrap works for all people. Just yesterday we recieved a package here at the office with bubble wrap and all the dudes (including me) started “playing” with it. Love your idea

  • Honest Contractor, I like to burst bubble too, I`am one of you:-)

  • I love to burst bubble too. I like those toys. :)

  • There really is no substitute for the real bubble wrap. I love that someone that of the rechargeable bubble wrap, but I hope they didn’t invest to much time and effort into it.

  • haha i used to burst all the bubble wrap! i still do that lol.. well its a gr8 thing to have.. for fragile stuff packing! love it!