Chandler’s Academic Calendar – A Tribute

You have probably never even heard of Chandler’s Notebooks. In fact, in this age where you have seen exponential growth in the digitalization of all previously physical mediums, the chances are high that you have probably not even touched paper notebooks for a while. However for the select few who have grew up in the world of academia, who have correlated the rhythm of their life to the ebbing of the academic school¬† year, Chandler’s Academic Calendar were an everyday treasure to behold, an intimate companion that gently reminds one of all the to-dos, family functions, friends birthdays, and everything in between. Chandler’ academic calendars are no more as Chandler’s officially closed down for business this year, and will no longer be providing patrons with remembrance of times past.

I understand that for all those who have lost their best timely companion, a replacement is hard to come by. However, just in case there is no better alternative, I would like to suggest the two following academic calendars from our academic calendar store.

Academic appointment book (aug-aug) from House of doolittle

At-a-glance Academic/fiscal (jul-jun) daily appointment book 

I have collected a few comments expressing the lament for the disappearance of this dearly beloved academic calenda.

“I now live in Seattle and I am about to turn 40. As my birthday is Labor Day, every year my back-to-school ritual was closely tied to my own personal new year. The most important part of these two important annual events was getting my new (ALWAYS red) Chandler’s assignment notebook. (Perhaps pathetically) I have had a red Chandler’s assignment notebook every year since 6th grade – in my hometown, this year was a Big One: the first year you changed classrooms & teachers and got homework every single night – the first year you got a Chandler’s. It was the year you (sorta) entered the same kid-category as the older (read: cool) kids in your neighborhood. After I finished college (with my annual red Chandler’s) and left the academic cycle, I continued to get – and use – a Chandler’s to organize my life. When I moved to Seattle, I’d call my childhood source and, though they thought it was a bit goofy, for $6.95 + shipping they would mail one to me at the end of each summer. Every store I’ve bought it from has closed over the years since I moved to Seattle – first L& A Stationers, then Chandler’s in Glencoe. Last week I called Good’s in Evanston (for the past few years, my last local option) – they haven’t closed, but now it’s just a framing shop – they no longer carry art supplies (or school supplies). When I called Good’s they simply said they no longer carry them because of their own changes. Now, for the first time since 1979 – on the almost-eve of my 40th birthday! – I have lost one of my few enduring connections to my childhood. DANG.”

I have all my Chandler’s notebooks going back to 1981. I skipped a couple of years, trying a “grown-up” planner and then a Palm Pilot and came right back to Chandler’s. Nothing works as well for me. I’ve been using it faithfully for the last several years and have been looking for a new one for weeks. I can’t believe they aren’t around anymore!”

  • Carl

    I am headed back to school and went hunting for a Chandler’s for school. I was sad to find out they are gone. Everyone had them where I went to school (New Trier Township for those of you on the North Shore). I’m the class of 90 and knew there was one thing I had to have for school.

    Jessica, is there any chance you have some more pics of your Chandler’s? I’ve been finding some that are close but the layout isn’t quite what I want. I’m seriously considering laying it out in a spread sheet and having some printed.

  • Lindsay

    To the first selected commentor – wow, a trip down memory lane. Every year I looked forward to L&A Stationers in Winnetka. And I always left with a lollipop and my Chandler’s. Sigh.

  • Ted

    Born in the late 70’s, my brother being born in the early 80’s, I believe our generation was the last great one.
    Of course it was required to have a Chandler’s in school every year. Not to sound like I’m out of touch, but some things change for the worse.

  • My iPhone recently died, and I felt a need to un-digitize myself. I still have a mobile phone, but it doesn’t even have speaker phone! I am looking for a diary to keep track of my appointments, now that my digital calendar (which synced to my computer, my contacts, the online calendar my clients use) is gone. NOTHING can replace the love I have in my heart for a CHANDLER NOTEBOOK. It is so sad that I’ve looked at almost every other paper diary/organizer out there and nothing compares. I used a CHANDLER from 1991-2004 all through my school years. I miss it so much now in my professional non digital life!!! RIP Chandler!

  • Phyllis Pacin

    I was amazed to see all these comments. I have used a Chandler’s AN every year since I began 6th grade in 1956. Last year (08-09) I bought a DayMinder and disliked it so much that this March I tried an At-A-Glance which began in Jan. 09. I like it less!

    There were a number of possibilities listed on this site & others. I have already started checking them out before I foiund these sites.