Conquer Friday the 13th with these Lucky Office Supplies

Uh-oh! The new year just started, and we already have our first Friday the 13th (the second– and last one for 2017, will occur in October)! Did you know that approximately 8% of Americans are diagnosed with Paraskevidekatriaphobia or Friggatriskaidekaphobia, fear of Friday the 13th? People with severe cases of this phobia often feel extremely anxious as the day draws near and may even refuse to leave their homes on this day. While most people understand that the fear is ‘irrational,’ its difficult to not panic when the day presents itself. This can be attributed to the negative associations from the unlucky number 13th and the day Friday in religions, cultures, and media. Whether you’re a hardcore Paraskevidekatriaphobic or someone who’s mildly superstitious, it can never hurt reassure yourself with some lucky charms. It’s time to conquer Friday the 13th with these lucky office supplies!


We wish you the best of luck on Friday the 13th! Now go seize the day!