Corporette Readers’ Favorite Planning Tools

A few months ago I did a post aggregating the pens that were mentioned in Corporette’s post about favorite pens. I was excited to see a new post entitled The Perfect Planner/Calendar and I read through all the comments to compile a list of good planning options for 2012.

Most readers had a recommendation for digital planning and paper planning because they do both. (Like iCal and a Filofax) Which is the same for me. My planning tools are

– A Wall Calendar – mostly for decoration and to look at dates

-iPhone calendar (iCal) – for things I can’t forget! appts, weekly reminders, etc

-Sticky notes – I keep to-do lists for work and things I’d like to do/need to do in a line in front of my computer.

Here are the different planning tools Corporette Reader’s recommended (in case you’re looking for something new to try!)

Google Calendar
Remember the Milk
Steno Pad
Post-it Notes
Levenger Circa System
Desk Calendar
Russell and Hazel Calendar
Quo Vadis Planner
Cavallini leather calendars
Dayminder Executive’s Weekly/Monthly planner
NY Public Library Student Planner
Kate Spade leather planner
“At-A-Glance” daily desk calendar
Planner Pad
Moleskine weekly planner