Creative Speakers for the inspiring MacGyver

We simply love DIY hacks here at the Office Supplies Blog – how combining just a couple of mondain object enables one to make the hottest accessory, like this cupSpeakers.



With all the hot-to-trot conceptual design work out there, it takes quite a person to just sit back and kick out the jams on a speaker set like this. Presenting the iPod Ghetto Accessory – made out of iPod with classic earbuds, two toothpicks, no girls, and four cups.

Designer Dmitry Zagga pokes fun at the concept of product design conceptualization:

“This is a fun project. Four single-serving paper cups, two tooth picks (for holding cups together) + iPod with classic earbuds. The increase in volume, of coarse, is radiculous, but hey, you get stylish iPod accessory out of nothing!”

Yes. It’s amazingly easy to make these speakers. But someone had to thing about it. So next time you are in need of DIY speakers at a party, you know what to do.

[ Via Yanko Design via Zagga ]