diy duct tape bullwhip

One of our newest Shoplet employees discovered an office supply weapon that I have to share! This Duct Tape Bullwhip project comes from Skip to my Lou – shout out to them for this awesome project! (actually it looks like they got it from indymogul. I love how ideas get passed around!)

You will need:

* Duct tape cut into 3- 12 foot lengths
* 10″ piece of 3/8″ wooden dowel rod
* a foot or so of twine for the “popper” if desired

Begin by placing two chairs 12 feet apart. Place three strips of tape between the chairs.

Fold each of the pieces of tape in half length ways-leave attached to chair

Leave tape hooked on one of the chairs and begin braiding. Braiding 12 feet of duct tape isn’t really pleasant but is certainly less painful than paying $50.00 plus for a bullwhip! We tried several methods: hanging it up high, laying it on the ground. We found it easiest to leave it attached to the chair and have another person help untangle the strips of duck tape as you braid. My eleven year old was able to do most of the braiding.

Once you have reached the end take another piece of tape and wrap around the braid to fasten off.

Remove the other end from the chair and attach these ends of tape to the wooden dowel.

Begin wrapping the dowel with tape until you have completely covered the handle. When finished we took a small piece of tape and covered each end and then wrapped a small piece once again around the dowel to make it secure.

If you want to make the popper you tie it on like this

Then you’re done! (and you look like Indiana Jones) Wouldn’t this be awesome for your office halloween party? Play nice okay?

  • So very clever. Maybe if you put the sticky side out you could whip something and pull it back to you. Like a frog catching a bug. Like if I was sitting on my balcony and say I see something below I wanted-maybe my neighbor’s steak cooking on the grill-I could whip and retrieve it. This sticky-side-out adaptation could make the whip much more useful. (These ideas just come to me. It’s like a genius thing.)
    Anyway, cool post. Your blog rocks.