DIY Office Projects via Recyclart

I have found a new favorite website with the name Recyclart.

I’ve become addicted to checking it everyday and dreaming about creating some of these wonderful things.

Water bottle Wall


I’m definitely one of those people that feels guilty buying new water bottles and trys to  hold on to their old ones until they taste so weird I can’t stand it anymore. I’ve been advised that old water bottles have lots of germs and chemicals, cause cancer, etc etc so here’s a reason to buy a new one everyday. Replace your cubicle with a water bottle wall. It’s not very private but it is very soothing to look at.

Keyboard Goodies


Every office has some old (or new) keyboards lying around.  I’ve heard people ask for new ones all the time. Don’t let them throw them away!

Yellow Pages Picture/Business Card Holder

Don’t throw out your old whitepages or yellowpages! I never knew those giant books could look so classy. Just roll them out real tight, add a metal ring, and wow it looks great! You can make lots of variations of them in different sizes for your desk.

Newspaper Seating


I’m still amazed that you can actually sit on this. Think of all the newspapers that are thrown away each morning? Do you read the newspaper every morning? Start collecting them in a bin.

Cereal Box Storage

I’m one of those people who eats cereal constantly. I eat it for breakfast in a bowl and then spend the rest of the day with my hand in and out of the box. I’ve used cereal boxes to wrap presents but never thought of this! Perfect for any waiting room or to store excess papers underneath your desk. I wouldn’t recommend that these be visible in a professional setting because well they would look a little unprofessional.

Playing Card Notebooks


Use up those old playing cards for small notebooks. Perfect to  jot down a to-do list or take notes in a meeting.

Toilet Paper Roll Art


This might be gross to save, but you could scour bathrooms, looking for toilet paper rolls. Yes gross.  But look at what you could make for your walls! I’m sure you could collect enough from your office bathroom in one day to do this project!

Scissor Sculptures


Don’t worry I don’t expect you to attempt this one. But if you want to, I’m sure we can give you a good price on scissors. You’re going to need a lot.If you’re interested in this stuff, check out our post on office supplies art.


Thanks again Recyclart!