doodling with office supplies

Sometimes you get stuck in meetings or on the phone and you start getting a little antsy. And that’s when doodling saves the day. I doodled all over my folders for class in school and I still love to draw on things (sadly, you have to be careful what you draw on. I’ve drawn on the covers of a few different journals and regretted it immediately!) I saw this awesome blog called Patterns for Colouring on DIY Sara’s Pinterest and I printed out a few to test out some of my office supplies for doodling.

I’ve always liked drawing with highlighters. I love the violent, neon shades and that you can create lots of colors by layering or mixing highlighters. I discovered that the best one of this first group was the Bic Brite Liner – the normal one, not the retractable one! Coloring was really fun and it didn’t “disintegrate” (is that the right word?) the paper like all the other ones did. The Post-it Flag Highlighters were great for drawing skinny, exact lines but not for coloring in big areas. I always like the Bic Mark-It markers but they have a tendency to bleed through to the other side. I would say they are a little too strong for doodling (especially if you have any important paperwork underneath!)

Crisp Sharpies and Prismacolor Pencils are SO fun to draw with! To be honest, the sharpies do bleed to the other side and I don’t really love the Prismacolor Verithins but the normal ones are great. The Sharpie Calligraphy Marker was not very fun to doodle with, at least not on this cardstock.

Bic Round Stics are classic and great for doodling. And so was one of the Pilot Razor Point pens.

Go download some coloring sheets and doodle away!