Drinking Coffee is For Geeks

One ritual I have in the morning is the freshly brewed cup of coffee I pick up around the corner on the way to work – without it, I am worthless for the day. And I am sure I am not the only one who needs his coffee in the morning. Anyway, here are a couple of cool gizmos to keep coffee out of the mundane.

The Coffee Warmer

As you work, (and keep a watchful eye on the boss) the coffee unfortunately begins to get cold. You spit as you, take another sip. The taste, the fragrance, the bloodshot-eyed caffeine is all gone. Well, now that s all solved. ChowsChina has produced a rather interesting USB gadget: a coffee warmer that plugs right into your computer. With this gadget, no more sip of luck warm coffee.

Hot/Cold Coffee Mug

coffee on/off

This coffee mug will switch from saying “cold” when it’s cold, and “hot” when it’s hot.  Not only it is great design, but it is also useful  to know when that coffee that’s been sitting in there all day long is cold as ice should be enough to merit the $25 price tag.

More info over here

The Mug Mouse

What happens when you combine a computer mouse and a cup of ‘joe? 2nd degree burns? Nope. You get the Mug Mouse, a conceptual design that’s meant to make you slow down when using your computer.

Clicking is achieved by pushing the whole mug towards the table. I wouldn’t recommend anyone doing their work with this mouse while the mug portion is still filled to the brim with freshly brewed coffee. There is also the risk of forgetting that the Mug Mouse is connected to the computer via a USB cable, hence an accidental yank could result in you scalding yourself and dirtying that $500 suit. But it is a  cool idea overall.

  • What a great gift idea for someone who spends their life sitting by the computer screen and sometimes skips lunch or breakfast. I think I would want to get one of those for my boss

  • I love the mouse mug. I don’t think my boos would go for me using it at work.