Duck Poster Putty Review

Looking to purchase some wall putty for your room? We put the Duck Poster Putty to the test in this review!

We had some fun the other day trying to see what we could hang up with Duck Poster Putty – turns out a lot of things! We left these objects up for a few days, just to see which options would last longer. And guess what? We discovered that most of the odd shaped items (like the gingerbread man and a pair of glasses) eventually fell, which would have been bad news if they were breakable items. But everything else stayed up! The ruler, the coasters, the cards, and more. Check out our wall of arts below:

The poster putty works best with lightweight paper products (it was made with poster-like materials in mind!). We did not really test much paper materials, besides sticking up a few cards. We did have our walls painted recently and the putty didn’t take off any of the paint when removed it. Which is amazing! Sometimes the paint cracks off, which is terrible because it takes more time to redo the wall.

There were some little oil spots (which Duck has clearly mentioned on the package) but you can easily wipe those off. No stains? They deserve some points there!

Have you ever tried our Duck Poster Putty? It’s a great alternative to hanging up posters, certificates, and more than thumbtacks, which leaves puncture holes everywhere!

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  • Yes. This true. The putty would have been better than the thumb tacks. The holes are still in the walls. Hmmmmmm.