Duck Tape Hacks That Will Have You Saying, “What the Duck!”

There are two philosophies that you will need to adopt in order to be successful at this thing called life. The first thing is that Windex is a cure all. C’mon! Haven’t you seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? The other is that if it can’t be fixed with Duck tape, then you aren’t using enough Duck tape. We’ve seen Duck tape work all sorts of miracles and even perform some seriously questionable functions. We’re sure that some of you have used Duck tape outside it’s intended purposes at least once in your lives. Ever patched a dropped hem with it? Maybe you repaired an old pipe. No matter how you use it, this magical tape has earned the trust of DIY’ers everywhere as the go to product for a trusty quick fix. Get ready for a super sticky good time with our favorite DIY Duck tape projects!