Duct Tape Fix Alls

We’ve all seen the duct tape wallets, duct tape roses, duct tape folders, and yes even duct tape covered boats.  Have you seen duct tape bandages? and duct tape diet books?

Nexcare 3M Duct Tape Bandages


[via Red Ferret]

Looking around on the internet it seems like some are impressed, some are not so impressed. One guy claimed he’s been using duct tape to seal his wounds for 15 years! I am impressed that he still has skin/hair on his body. The great thing about 3M Duct Tape bandages are that they are made of duct tape but use a medical grade adhesive. While some still claim these are nothing on duct tape, I think they are a less painful alternative.

The Duct Tape Diet Book


[via Amazon]

The duct tape diet has received great reviews. I’m still at a loss as to what duct tape has to do with it. I read the description and one sentence involved duct tape. “Tape diet villains into solitary confinement.” I imagine taking a big box of oreos and duct taping them to the wall in my basement storage room. Sounds like it might work. As long as the whole box is wrapped in 5 layers of duct tape and I get amnesia.

Know of any other useful duct tape products? Please share!