Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping


I love wrapping paper. I love the colors, the patters, the bows and the ribbons. But it pains me to see the shreds of paper and envelopes strewn in the living room, the next day.

During the holiday, among of trash collected increases 15 to 20 percent alone. “Aside from creating waste, wrapping paper presents a set of recycling challenges that include tape contaminating paper pulp, and ribbons and bows jamming recycling machines.” [according to sfgate]

London based design headhunter Represent challenged the design community “to develop fresh and eco-friendly solutions to the problem, by designing sustainable and totally tape-free ways to wrap a Christmas gift.” They are adding a new one every day, and they include lots of clever ideas that will come in handy this frugal holiday season. [via NOTCOT]

It shows that with just a little bit of creativity, ordinary items can be used to wrap any gift in an eco-friendly way.  Here are 10 tips to wrapping the eco way, to get you started:

  1. Newspapers are great wrapping paper, and is transformed by a big, shinny ribbon
  2. Calendars that have pretty pictures and 11 months are already over
  3. Re-use gift bags, paper and tissue you’ve received
  4. Fancy-schmancy gift boxes you often see these come in nesting boxes, one fits into the next. They’re meant to be used year after year.
  5. Fabric gift bags, just stitch together scrap fabric
  6. Buy inexpensive rolls of leftover wrapping paper or baskets at second hand stores such as Goodwill.
  7. Hemp wrapping paper (Paper organics has a line of sustainable gift wraps)
  8. Use natural elements to top off your gift, such as pretty branches, pinecones and hemp twine.
  • I’ve been using newspaper and bows for years as wrapping paper, looks absolutely wonderful under the twinkle of the tree lights.