Eco Friendly Laptop- Asus Eco Bamboo Notebook

Brought to you by the same people who recently mesmerized the world with their ultra portable and affordable Eee PC, Asus recently again proved to be the trendsetter among the conceptually-challenged PC industry by launching a super stylish, yet environmentally friendly laptop, the Asus bamboo laptop. The laptop’s case is covered in bamboo, a rapidly sustainable material, because cut bamboo can be easily grown back in a short time, versus other hardwood trees that require numerous more years to be renewed. The most eco friendly aspect of this laptop doesn’t just exist in their exterior shell, the real show is on the inside. All of the plastic in this eco laptop is labeled and recyclable; it is lined with cardboard; there are no paints, sprays or even electroplating used on its components. It looks like it is designed to be easily taken apart for self-service and easy upgrading of components ( one of the main downfalls of notebooks and reason why people upgrade their notebooks. This laptop is scheduled for release sometimes later 2008.

Eco Friendly Laptop

In the face of our inevitable revolution to sustain mother nature, reduce the harmful impact on our environment, aligned ourselves with facebook to develop an application, the “Green Office” application, which shows collectively the impact you and your friends make by switching to environmentally friendly office products by using Shoplet as your merchant of choice. Add our Green Office Application on facebook today! For more information on our green initiative, click here!

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