Energizer Giveway- Be Prepared!


Our last green giveaway for the month of April is sponsored by Energizer! I wish we were giving away giant Energizer bunnies again (that was one of my most favorite packages to receive at the office!) but these two products are much more practical, green, and cool in general.

With all this talk of natural disasters all over the world (and close to home) it’s very very important to be prepared (I’m going to make 72 hour kits for my little apt in a few weeks!) For this giveaway, you could win:

  • (1) Energizer e2 Lithium LED Flashlight – Waterproof, Shatterproof, BRIGHT (with adjustable brightness), up to 16 hour run time, Gun Metal Gray (which just sounds awesome!)
  • (1) Energizer 15 Minute Charger – Charges 1-4 AAA or AA batteries in 15 minutes! Great for digital cameras and other battery sucking devices.  Plus you can use it in your car – which is a huge bonus because I never ever remember to charge things at home.

So how can you win?

1. Follow @shoplet on twitter and/or subscribe to the blog
2. Tell us your favorite kind of weather! (mine involves lightning and being inside)
Example Tweet: “@shoplet Big summer thunderstorms are my favorite! #energizer”
OR comment on this blog post
3. Watch and wait to see if you are the winner! Winner will be announced Monday, May 3.

P.S. Talk about crazy weather! Iceland volcano + thunderstorm = really cool


UPDATE: Congrats to Carleen H!

  • Kristen McDowel

    Who couldn’t use a new LED flashlight for all occasions

  • Cindy A

    I love when it rains,and the sun comes out and you are able to see a rainbow which is one of God’s creation…simply a Kodak moment for me … Priceless

  • Anthony Hollister

    need this

  • Brad

    I love thunderstorms!

  • Maria

    http://twitpic.com/15u6w3 = My favorite kind of weather. Clear blue skies & wonderful sunshine. Perfect for brightening moods!


  • Kathleen

    I love rain and thunderstorms at night because it is so relaxing and makes you sleep so great.

  • Ronda

    I live in Washington State. However I was born in Indiana. As a kid I remember the warm summer evenings. where the dusk rolls in and the nights warm winds would bring to life the crickets chirping. As the nigt skys would flicker with the dem lights as the lightening bugs flew in on the gentle winds as the evening set in. The air was bustling with a clean aroma of warmth and then just as the sun cleared the horizon sounds of thunder rolled across the sky. As sudden loud cracks of lightening danced in the skys then the sudden terenchel pours of warm rain filled pot holes with pools of water and the dry earth becames slick and wet. As soft sounds of rain danced off the leaves of the trees replacing the chirps and and buzzing of insects that retreated to there hidden sanctuarys. As the rain beat against the thirsty crust with a sudden fullness as the powdery soil swelled. creating a sticky and slick terain that became a whole new play ground of mud slides. the perfect time for us kids to play.

  • Jo Thomas

    My favorite weather is the calm just after a thunderstorm. When the wind is still blowing a little, but it has a kind of chill to it, because before a big storm, the weather is usually very hot and humid.

  • Donna K

    I like a thunderstorm while I am safe inside.

  • Martha

    I love spring weather, when the nights are cool and crisp and the days are warm, but not too hot.

  • eb

    I love a good thunderstorm

  • Nicole

    I love snow. I love to be outside when it is snowing and the air is chilly.

  • Micky

    I love rainy days~

  • Yik-Ting Lee

    Breezy cool weather is the best! Not too hot nor too cold-just right and perfect!

  • Michele Harris

    My favorite weather is springtime, Memorial Day Week in Charlotte, NC, waiting on the Cocoa Cola 600 and race week!!!

  • Gerry

    Thunderstorms on the mountains that surround our desert valley. The peaks rise to about 7000 – 10000 feet and the storms are just grandioise; especially at night. To watch the rain sheets across the land as it comes closer and closer. Finally arriving in a wave that is refreshing to the plants. THen to watch them turn green and bloom days later. I call it waater color scenery, God adds water and we get color.

  • Jennifer P

    I LOVE lightening and thunder and huge rainy storms! I love watching the flashing lights and feel so comfortable being inside and enjoying the sounds of the storm.

  • Michelle

    My favorite type of weather is summer, were you get to do all kinds of outdoor activity the most. You can enjoy the sun outside.

  • Shannon (aka Luv_MyDachshund)

    My favorite type of weather is snow quietly falling down but that is only if I don’t have to go anywhere and just stay inside the house by a nice warm fireplace & drink hot chocolate!

  • Melanie

    I love a big booming thunderstorm. I find it energizing, no pun intended.

  • Tina Barker

    I’m Following @shoplet on twitter – @warp65 and I subscribed to the blog!

    I(@warp65) also tweeted my favorite kind of weather!

  • George Mc Mahon, Jr.

    Summer Days and nights What a great time for camping and enjoying sleeping under a Tent when
    the rain was making music on the tent And The Lightning bugs flitted here and there remembering when you were a kid again and trying to catch them!
    With a Flashlight reflecting shadows on the tent and the thunder and lightning brought the sweet smell of the Summer Washed Rain
    And remembering All the times you did the same when growing up and pitched the tent in the Backyard!
    And at times reliving all the good memories!

  • RITA

    I love May, beautiful time of year

  • Cheryl K

    I love fall. Crisp clean air.

  • Tina L

    I love to sit on our covered porch when it is raining….the frogs croaking, the relaxing sound of the rain dancing on the roof – the smell of Earth….awwwww….my favorite!

  • Jesus Vasquez

    Volcano lightning is awesome. Also watching a thunderstorm roll through from a balcony over looking the ocean.

  • Deb Anderson

    I love watching “light shows in the sky” when lightning jumps from cloud to cloud without ever touching earth and no rain, no storm, just a “light show”. :)

  • Ess F Jay

    Love the product. I use energizers at home and at work with the equipment I use at work. I love the rechargeables.

  • Lisa S.

    Perfect weather for me is between 50 and 70 degrees, with low humidity.

  • Sheryl L

    I like a lullaby-like steady night rain and morning sun to dry the surface to cheer all,.

  • Hyekus

    I love the soft rain in Hawaii that is always followed by a rainbow and then laying in a hammock while the air is still fresh and a little musky.

  • Caleen H

    I don’t like the rain, but I like it just after it rains when everything smells clean, looks greener, and the droplets make everything sparkle in the sunlight. Even more perfect if there is a rainbow to complete the picture!

  • Jennifer B

    A good lightening storm is so pretty

  • Dan Dalal

    Being from the sunny SF/Bay Area, I would say any day that’s in the mid-70’s, lots of sun, no clouds, maybe a little gust of wind.

  • My favorite weather is snow falling at Christmastime!

  • THunda’ storms at night and cool sunny days during the week!

  • Marie Leclerc

    An April shower is my favorite weather, just a little sprinkle th freshen things up!

  • I love sitting under an umbrella in the summer rain. A light rain – not heavy. where the earth just seems to come alive with new growth – and the smell is so great. Not as fond of the many times we lose electricity and have to sit in the dark. My son (age 8) is dying to see a tornnado

  • Cindy Bertram

    I love summer!

  • Larry

    I like Thunderstorms! nothing better than waiting to see what will happen!

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  • Sharla Long

    I love lazy days of summer with vibrant thunder and lightening storms, as long as there is rain following the lightening!

  • Tracy P

    I love sitting on the porch during a summer thunderstorm!

  • k

    My favorite types of weather is spring not to hot not to cold and I love the smell of fresh flowers blooming, the winter babies are now exploring the world ,its just a refreshing time of the year after north east winters here in PA

  • Sara

    I love spring!! :)