Fashionable Office Supplies

Fashion designers and stylists draw inspiration from nature, social rights movements, war, wealth, the far reaches of the globe, and their wildest imaginations.  However, they also seem to be drawing inspiration for iconic classic pieces from an everyday, functional space; the office.  At our office stylists have picked up on these strange phenomena and are reporting their findings here, on the blog.

Shoplet Fashionable Office Supplies Highlighter Markers and Neon Clothes

Highlighter Markers and Neon Clothes are back from the 1980s

Shoplet Fashionable Office Supplies Ruler and Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt finds inspiration from the ruler. Both are straight and practical. The pencil skirt is so classic, there is no need use a ruler to make sure your pencil skirt isn’t too high.

Shoplet Fashionable Office Supplies Red Swingline Stapler and Christian Louboutin Pumps

The Red Swingline Stapler and Christian Louboutin Pumps – Christian Louboutin’s sleek and sexy red sole heels are reminiscent of the red vintage Swingline stapler.

Shoplet Fashionable Office Supplies Sharpie's Stainless Steel Pen and Aviator Sunglasses

The latest Sharpie stainless steel pen not only looks like a classic pair of aviator sunglasses, but it is also loved by all, and definitely looks good on everyone.

Shoplet Fashionable Office Supplies Color Paper and Colorful Spring Jeans

The latest trend to scrap your dark wash jeans for every color of the rainbow could only have been inspired by the limitless array of color paper!