FIT Students and Gruppo Cordenons Make Paper Fashionable

Here’s the story: Six FIT students designed and modeled their paper garment creations in response to a request from the Italian premiere paper manufacturer Gruppo Cordenons located in Milan. Their representative, Ellen Van Zandt, met with Marilyn Hefferen, the Fashion Design Department’s Contest Coordinator, and then organized the participating students from the third and fourth semesters in the Fashion Design Department.

Each student created garments and accessories in paper “fabric.” The new line of papers simulates fabrics: So Silk, So Jeans, So Wool. The results were overwhelming applauded by the professionals attending the event that took place at the Four Seasons Hotel at 57 East 57th Street on March 4, 2010.

Designed by: Alexandra Schoot, Marren Hager, Yina An, Caroline Ribeiro, Sukung Kang, Boyoung Kim

Paper is beautiful! (Check out Upon a Fold if you don’t believe me!)

I decided to explore Gruppo Cordenons website a little bit and I fell in love. Tons of luxurious papers to drool over including some made to look like plastic and jeans!

Let’s be honest. You probably can’t afford to buy italian paper to make yourself a dress. But we carry lots of color paper on our site, so come grab some and get to work!