Flash Drives That Will Make your Mouth Water

You won’t find these at your local grocery, nor will you find these at your favorite office supply store; but you will definitively want to wolf down all of the following Flash Drives.

There has been a certain craze for USB 2.0 gadgets and for case modding, in the past couple years. Why limit ourselves to mundane rectangular plastic flash drives, when you can make mouth watering ones. Such was the thought process of some crazy manufacturers, who began producing drives in all shapes, sizes, and theme. And why not produce flash drives in the shape of one’s favorite food.

Enjoy this tasty selection of “almost” edible USB flash drive – and Yes! they are all purchasable over the internet and at some design boutiques.


Usb StrawberryUsb Banana

Since I was a kid, I was told that eating fruit in the morning was the best way to start off the day. So how about starting it for this post, that way too. Yummy! These flash drives will find home to any true vegetarian or vegan. How better to promote you beliefs?

One the other end, we have this bacon USB drive. But don’t worry this one does not give you cholesterol.


Usb Sushi

Don’t they look authentic? This collection is produced by Dynamism. I am amazed by the selection – there is even more choice than my corner sushi place. They are on the pricey side, but they sure last longer.


Usb Fast Food

Do you remember the fry/hamburger/nugget-shaped toys from McDonald’s, from back in the day? This collection of drives look like them and is stirring up a lot of memories.

Their are flash drives for everyone, including for the police. Now every serious Police inspector can bring along with him his data.


Oh! colorful fortune cookies. And guess what! you can upload all the fortune you want in it. These fortune cookies as well the previous two drives were all manufactured by Vavolo. And the starting price in only $29.99 for the 1gig version. How has a sweet tooth?

USB Ice Cream

OOU! released a series of drives in the shape of Ice Cream. Each coming in its own presentation box – and are small enough to attach to a key chain and at lease offer a cover of the USB connector via the snap away lid. The best part is that they don’t melt.

Usb Fruity

And I have left the weirdest for the end. Here is a collection of Flash-Key Fruit-Aroma USB drives, from Honk-Kong based company Microdia. These drives comes with four scent, green apple, orange, grapes and strawberry.

Fruit-A-Roma brings a fresh alternative to the USB Flash drive market, making data storage and transfer more fun and enjoyable, We expect this item to be a hit around the world and generate fruitful results, especially with the younger generation and those who appreciate novel products that mix fun and quality together.

Obviously, all of these USB drives are targeted towards a younger generation of kids who live off of data – the best diet since Atkins. Anna Nicole Smith should have promoted it instead of Trim SPA – I promise that the results show up much faster. Doh, they are all 2.0