Franklin from Arrested Development + Skype

That is the first thing I thought of when I saw the new Little Island Robot. From what I understand, when you talk to someone on Skype you don’t need to be on a computer anymore. Now you can talk to a doll that actually sounds like your friend and moves its body too.

Plus it has a built in camera which lets you scope out the premises if you are on the other end. Oh and it will read your RSS Feeds and tell you about the weather. I’m still deciding if you can hug this little guy (or girl.) It is plush but it has a 500MHz Geode Processor. Did I mention it is over $2,000? Ouch.  Some great descriptive words from their site:

We produce the Look a Like Doll with the hand making

The Look a Like Doll is able to make a speech in the person’s voice.

It is possible to talk over from the remote place to
the person who exists completely in front of the Look a Like Doll,
and to monitor it.

It is possible to use it as only LAN cable is connected with
the power cable, and the setting doesn’t exist.

The operation only turns on the power on/off switch and is OK.
Please call when you end, “Shutdown”.


These great dolls remind us of these little guys:



Sadly I now want both. Get one for your sweetheart/co-worker/friend for Valentines Day! (If you’re ridiculously wealthy.) If you’re not..well we have some killer stuff in the Shoplet Clearance Center. Such as: calculators, tables, and lamps. Oh and don’t worry we found out we sell snacks and chocolate too.