Free Packing Materials! Make Your Own!

Okay so I’d like to say I support this whole green movement,  I really do but I extra support those things that really just make sense. So here’s a shout out to HSM Shredders who is currently advertising their shredder that shreds cardboard to create your own packing material!  cardboard
What can  you do with shredded cardboard? Oh yeah, use it to pack all that important stuff. To be honest, I don’t have a lot of extra cardboard just hanging out in my apartment. But I do have lots of newspapers, magazines, and cellphone bills piling up.


Shredded paper can be used as:
a) packaging for important work stuff

b) a cushion/ decoration to put inside the box for your friend’s present

c) a mess in your boss’ office for April Fools Day! (Tell him the shredder exploded or something.)

d) if you’re moving, stuff a bunch of shredded paper in your boxes to prevent damage!

Oh it’s a bed for your office cat!

So do you already have a shredder? I swear mine is always broken or jammed or something.  We have lots of them at Get a New One.

Are there other ways to create your own packing material?

(e.g. Heard of shredding wrapping paper? That would be so decorative for wrapping presents!)

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  • Using shredded cardboards for packing stuff is a great idea! I can really use that when sending fragile materials to my family and friends in different countries.

  • Wow! That cardboard shredder looks amazing.

    During the winter times, I use it as kindling for the fire place. We shred up old cereal boxes and such for extra warmth.

    I think another way to use shredded materials is to use paper as stuffing and make a homemade bean bag…er paper bag!