Friday Fun: Tape as a Work of Art

All week long, we’ve been showing you guys neat hacks we can do with tape through our blogInstagram, and Twitter pages. Today, we bring you a roundup of all the coolest tape art the world has done! Who knew that a sticky piece of plastic and a little creativity can go a long way? From street murals to museum displays, get ready to be inspired and struck in awe with these unique pieces. Once you’re through with this post, you’ll definitely see tape as a work of art from now on!

Convinced? We are! If you’re feeling inspired, there’s still time to enter in our 5th #ShopletFaves Photo Contest, now open on both Instagram and Twitter. Show us the cool things you can do with tape, from decorating your planner with Washi Tape or making your own Duck Tape Wallet (instructions for how to make one on our Youtube channel here). The possibilities are endless!