German Window Displays


I decided to revisit one of my most favorite websites – Recyclart – to see what I’ve missed in the past month (I like to go through their archives list and open each one in a new tab.) My favorite piece was done by Natsuyo Koizumi (her website and blog) – she made bunnies out of toilet paper rolls for a window display! And these guys are seriously cute.


As I poked around her site a little more I realized that she does this window displays all the time for the store below in Berlin, Germany.


Starting in 2008, she’s created different displays for each season.  My favorites involve some type of office supplies (of course) and I made up titles because her site is in german/japanese.

The Straw Basket


Paper Cranes

Back to School Stacks w/ Apples

Hanging Color Blocks


And as a random addition – make a shrimp out of a plastic straw!

DIY Shrimp


(There are lots of steps, otherwise I would have put the whole thing on our blog) Click to see the tutorial

Find some bendy straws at