Green Office- A Facebook Application

Green Office

Hello, dear valued friends and customers of Shoplet. We are really happy to announce to the world that our company,  under the guidance of our visionary CEO Tony Ellison, have recently launched several green initiatives, because we are truly concerned with the world’s diminishing resources for tomorrow’s generations. One of our most exciting initiative is our recently developed “Green Office” facebook app. This exciting app taps into the social commadarie between you, your friends, and all others that are interested in greening the environment around them. The “Green Office” application, collectively reports how much valuable resources you and your facebook friends are saving by switching to environmentally friendly office supplies and office furnitures. Join in on the green revolution today by adapting the facebook application. See how much other resources  you and your friends are saving today.

Green Your Office

One of our other proprietary online tool, that deems us a pioneer in the ecommerce arena is the “Green Your Office ” checkout tool. When you shop for office supplies and office furnitures at our site, the “Green Your Office ” checkout tool automatically detects if there are green alternatives to your selected items. You have the option to switch to eco friendly alternatives when you click on the Green Your Office button. Come by Shoplet today to check out our green tools.

  • Great looking chargers and also it is environment friendly. I hope this will click with ipod users…