How to Make to Work on Time

[ adapted from How to Wake Up Late and Still Make It on Time from Wikihow ]

It’s that time of year again. It’s dark when you wake up, dark when you leave work, dark allll the time. Plus, it’s the holiday season which means you’re working like crazy + trying to shop for gifts in “all” your spare time. Sleep starts to become some sort of nonexistent dream that you think about all day and when you finally get it, it’s over.

Because of this dilemma, you need to be trained to maximize your sleep time and jump out of bed to leave your house in 5 minutes. Here’s a few tips from Wikihow (comments added by me)

  • Don’t be an optimist: This is important for the general attitude you should have for getting ready. It’s in those moments that you feel so on top of things that yeah maybe you should just have a glass of juice real quick- that’s when you are late.
  • Take a quick, cold shower. The article claims the shower should be cold. I claim that cold showers make me feel mad. They also say – Point the shower head down so it points to your chest. Work up a quick lather and rinse. The only places that actually need soap are your underarms and crotch area. This should take you no more than 5 minutes.
  • Get dressed as quickly as possible. They give you 10 minutes, I give you 30 seconds. I always have to tell myself it’s better to be on time than to have the best outfit ever. You just need to get out of there and if you start putting stuff on and taking stuff off you’re going to go crazy and never decide and be really late.
  • Brush hair, Brush teeth, put on deodorant. I think makeup is somewhat expendable but throw that in your bag if you feel like you need it.
  • Grab something to eat on the road: granola bar, apple, cookies, a sandwich bag of cereal, etc, etc
  • Pause and remember what you need to bring. Keys, wallet, laptop, glasses, etc.

Remember through all of this, when you pause and think you are doing fine on time and start to slow down, this is where you lose. Good luck and if you have any tips comment below!

  • Great advice. I always have trouble waking up in the mornings. I don’t spend much time getting dressed. Since I do have long, curly hair, showers take me at least ten minutes. Showers are hard to do, especially in really cold weather, so Im thinking about cutting my hair.

  • Nice tips! I’ll definitely apply this to my everyday mornings! :)

  • hi there!i think i should apply this tips to make sure not to be late. we should prepare things ahead of time. Thanks for the information, i really enjoyed it.